Practical example: Dovetail milling cutter

Since 1988 we have been repairing metal cutting tools with metal carbide inserts. At the same time, there are always several cases that others reject, thinking that these cases are hopeless. True to our motto “What others rejects, we repair”, we put these very badly damaged tools back into their position.

Practical example: Dovetail milling cutter

The dovetail milling cutter was severely damaged. All the pocket seats were repaired by our modern technology and our know-how. The threads were reconstructed. Finnally, the tool received a new polishing on a circular and flat grinding machine.

Repair instead of New Purchase

Savings potential between 40 and 80%

Especially for the repair of the special tools with inserts there are two special features: On the one hand, depending on the size, you can save between 40 and 80% compared with the  purchase of a new tool. On the other hand, with our innovative and comprehensive machine park we can even repair tools up to 3000 mm in diameter.

Whether there are easy or heavy damages-with us you have found the right partner. This is also shown by our practical example.

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